Thursday, August 7, 2014

I imagined the U.S. GDP will be going up a bit more since Israel will have used up lots of ammunition and shooty things and will have to replace them. Bombing things works wonders for GDP. As do car accidents, fires, natural disasters of all kinds and human suffering in general, all of which will induce people to go out and buy stuff to cheer themselves up. Even better, create an atomized society of really sad, lonely people who will consume lots and lots of trash to convince themselves that their empty lives have meaning. Oh no, hang on, we've already done that. Back to bombing things thenThe US is facing economic disaster...all the indicators are there. First of all the College debt stands at 800billion and is shackled around the neck of college graduates before they even start their working career. Its a scam, education should be the first priority of a government not some ponzi scheme, it should not be a power that shackles people into enslavement at no cost to the corporate juggernauts.(coming to the UK soon)
They made a poll some time ago on doctors in the US and 40% said they would have done something different if they had known the hassle of the death and the years of hard work it took to get to a break even point.  Watching the US news they seem to be praying on another upswing in the property market for economic recovery. Yes because property bubbles have proven to solve all problems...and now you can also get subprime loans to buy cars(GMs favourite tactic)another disaster in the making.  Then you have the serious economic issues linked to climate change which is really knocking the GDP with all the repair costs and knock on effects. The state of California and Nevada are bone dry, the armageddon coming from the water shortages are going to have massive repercussions for the rest of the US especially when you consider that California is the bread basket of America. And then lets not talk about the Fed who have been printing money like nobodys business...the only way thats sustainable is if the Dollar remains the default currency of the world any seismic shift to that thinking would tank the US economy immediately.

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