Monday, January 23, 2017

Donald Trump is planning a new deal for Britain this week as Theresa May becomes the first foreign leader to meet him since the inauguration. 
With hundreds of thousands of people across the world protesting his presidency, Mr Trump’s team was working with Number 10 to finalise plans for White House talks.
Mr Trump has even taken to calling Mrs May “my Maggie” in reference to the close Thatcher-Reagan relationship he wants to recreate, according to sources....
The historic trip comes as: 
  • A deal to reduce barriers between American and British banks through a new “passporting” system was being considered by Mr Trump’s team
  • A US-UK “working group” was being prepared to identify barriers to trade and scope out a future trade deal
  • A joint statement on defence was expected to demand EU countries spend 2 per cent of GDP on defence and promise collaboration in tackling Isil
More than 60 million people in this country are hopeful — they want Mr. Trump to work on behalf of them to restore jobs in their dilapidated towns, to improve the education for their children, to help unite this fractious Republic, by making the American dream obtainable to all Americans.  They’ll dance at the balls this weekend, or toast champagne from within their homes. All are uncertain at what a Trump presidency may bring, but they are willing to give the man a chance.  All but the mainstream media that is.  Network heads and newspaper editors are filled with anxiety — yes, Mr. Trump’s supporters are jubilant, but the other half of this nation (including most within their own newsrooms) are devastated. And to them, that devastation is more powerful, more convincing. And thus, their coverage has reflected those fears, and none of the optimism.

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Anonymous said...

MrTrump is our John Wayne, our Dirty Harry, the rogue cop who brings down his corrupt superiors, and the Mr Smith who goes to Washington.
Out here in flyover country, forgotten, abused, insulted, and fed up - that's who WE are.
We are the Army vet who can't get the medical care we were promised, we are the local cop who is risking his life to keep us safe, we are the Border Patrol who only want to do our job, we are the women who think babies are a gift from Heaven, we want a job, and we are the White men who built this country, sometimes losing our limbs and lives.
How is that so wrong that the man who will work for us and our needs is reviled by 1/2 of America?