Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rosia Montana - the criminal government of Romania or an opportunity to make a profit...????


Anonymous said...

There is no investor strike per se, it's just that the rich are investing in nations where they can make a greater return on their money. If you're waiting for the wealthy to start building more factories in the west I wouldn't hold my breath. They might build a few more outlets for the products that are now made by slave labor in China, India, Bangladesh and other nations where workers have no rights which the ownership class is bound to respect, but you may as well face up to the fact that there is little profit to be made by investing in a mature capitalist nation. Once you have enough factories turning out enough widgets for everyone the only way to make increased profit is to shut down those factories and move them somewhere where workers can be forced to work for less. When the capitalist class refuses to play the role assigned to them, then it is up to the government to step in and play that role.

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