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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Enormous growth with cheap money, that's United Europe

That is what we experienced in the last decades of the EU. Regard Spain, it changed, grew and modernised, in rural regions partially medieval,her life with an unmatched velocity never experienced before in history. - And ended in the financial crisis. That was mainly the fault of the socialists, with the coward Zapatero, now fleeing before the voters, and by socialists inbred attitude to waste the money, that others earned. And this horror experience shall now be revived in France with a President to elect who already declared that he would disregard the rules for austerity- and preferably waste German money.
By the way:I just returned from the "total emergency“ in Spain’s most suffering region Catalonia, nearly bankrupt. The restaurants were filled with Spanish families. Enjoying excellent food with pescados, mariscos and bogavantes (lobster) together with cava and one of the favourite cars seems to be the Porsche Cayenne... With the speed at which the level of quoted debt is increasing and far greater than any rate of inflation surely there must be questions on how big the black hole in the finances actually is. If you told me it was a 100 billion today then all of a sudden it lurched to 300 billion any sane person would say "WTF". ... SO SOMEBODY HAS BEEN LYING OR HIDING THE TRUE SCALE OF THE PROBLEM! At that point you can't fix it the size of the problem is not yet determined so honestly now "how big is the problem"??? You will not get a straight answer on this because they would be called out on it tomorrow when it has doubled yet again!....Germany’s ECB board member, said today: “The risk premia of sovereign bonds now reflect not just the insolvency risk of some countries but an exchange rate risk, which should not theoretically exist in a currency union. The markets are pricing in a break-up of the eurozone. Such systemic doubts are not acceptable".
Ahhh, "theoretically"... Well, theories are often very, very wrong indeed. Or were Greece, Ireland, Portugal, now Spain and next Italy all supposed to be declared insolvent as part of the euro "master plan", eh? ...Want some more data for your "theory"?....there, you see..."The Catastrophic State of Italy's Labor Market - September 4, 2012 - Spiegel. Italy's economy remains in freefall. The country is shedding jobs, production rates are abysmal and the infrastructure is appalling. Banca d'Italia, now forecasts a 2 percent drop in GDP this year"

Friday, February 25, 2011

As he desperately tries to squash a popular rebellion, Libyan ruler Moammar Gaddafi is banking on the loyalty of a close circle of relatives and security officials whose personal fates depend on his survival, according to U.S. officials and analysts. Among them are four of his sons and two longtime spy chiefs accused of directing a series of assassination and terrorist plots during Gaddafi's four decades in power. While numerous Libyan diplomats and government officials have defected or abandoned Gaddafi in recent days, analysts said it is unlikely that his inner core will follow suit.
"The people who are in the bunker with him, they have pretty good reasons for sticking by Gaddafi," said John Hamilton, a Libya expert with Cross Border International, a British publishing and consulting firm that specializes in North Africa. "It's a bit late for the sons to revolt against their father . . . There's really nowhere for the others to turn, either." (W.P)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mămăliga din Orientul Mijlociu" ("Middle East Polenta") that is the title chosen by Shachar Shaine, the former head of Tuborg Romania, for his speech delivered at the luxury Loft restaurant in Bucharest, held by a businessman closely connected to the beverage industry, Pepe Berciu, on Wednesday night. Shaine, 42, said goodbye to his co-workers, as well as to competitors in a relaxed atmosphere, pointing out that Romania was definitely "the country worth living and investing in". The manager who spent the last six years at the helm of United Romanian Breweries Bereprod (URBB), the bottler of Tuborg and Carlsberg, says he decided to stay in Romania, despite propositions from shareholders for whom he had worked to take over similar businesses in other countries. "I will stay and develop business here," Shaine said without providing further details. He is one of the managers with the longest-standing career in the beer industry, having worked for the same company for the last eleven years. Israeli-born Shaine has repeatedly said he loves Romania and even became a Romanian citizen six months ago.(Z.F.) BCE,ECB,IMF,Germany,France,Euro,currency,forex,investments,bucharest,Romania,cluj,